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Before the Great Migration of the Sexually Liberated, there was Adina Howard.

Delivering a strong debut in 1995 with her edgy RIAA certified gold & platinum hit single “Freak Like Me” and the album “Do You Wanna Ride?” Famed award-winning American singer, songwriter, actress and chef, Adina Howard made a remarkable impact on the music industry and achieved worldwide stardom.

Widely ridiculed for her salacious lyrics and provocative image, Adina is revered as one of the early pioneers of sexual expressionism in urban music. Her artistic contributions changed the soundscape of urban music and set the stage for female recording artists that came after her.

Born Adina Walker on November 14, 1973, Ms. Howard hails from Grand Rapids, MI by way of Arizona. Encouraged by her mother Emma Howard to sing, she began her musical journey at the tender age of seven. Entertaining her mother’s company, landing solos in the church and later joining her junior high and high school choirs.

Far from the messages taught in church, Adina used her voice to empower women with messages of sexual liberation. Her authentic ability to translate this message through her music captivated audiences on a global scale. 

Introduced to her former manager Livio Harris from the group Four Sure via her colleague Ray Hunter. Once acquainted Adina took the opportunity to showcase her talent and sang for Harris. Surprised and impressed with her confidence and vocal ability, Livio took Adina under his wings and their professional journey began. 

As a youth, Adina’s musical influences were brazen artists and groups like Madonna, Prince, Vanity 6 and Klymaxx. Giving rise to her openly embracing her sexual prowess without guilt or shame at a time when it was unacceptable, creating the perfect backdrop for Adina Howard to debut her version of femme power.

Confident Adina Howard was what the music industry was missing Livio Harris set out to mastermind a project that highlighted her “straight no chaser attitude”. It wasn’t long before Native New Yorkers Max Gousse and Roget Romaine of Mecca Don Records took notice and signed Adina. Soon after, Mecca Don joined forces with label head Silvia Rhone of EastWest/Elektra Records providing a platform that would make Adina Howard a household name.

Adina has worked with renowned artists like actor/comedian, Jamie Foxx, on her cult classic “T-shirt and Panties and singer/songwriter Missy Elliott. Collaborated with rapper Warren G on their #1 international hit single “What’s love got to do with it?” released on the Super Cop soundtrack. 

In 2010, Adina temporarily put her singing career on hold to pursue her passion for cooking. While working towards her associate degree in culinary arts, she worked as a line cook for a AAA Four Diamond luxury Phoenix resort. In August 2011, Adina officially added another title to her belt, chef.

Resuming her singing career in 2013, Adina entered the studio with a sense of accomplishment. Giving voice to songs like Bad 4 Me, Blasphemy and her award-winning single Switch. Adina Howard’s chameleon-like nature has given her the ability to seamlessly remain relevant in an ever-changing industry.

Recently celebrating the 25th anniversary of Freak Like Me as well as the success of her new #1 soulful house release Mind Reader with Reel People, Adina Howard continues to turn doubt into disbelief with her staying power.

Adina continues to steal the room with her unique sexy charm and fiery spirit as she travels the world entertaining the masses with her classics and new hits.

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